Medical Doctors in Baltimore, MD

With all of Baltimore's superb hospitals, it makes sense that the Baltimore area has many excellent doctors. Whether you're looking for a specialist, general practitioner, or surgeon, you'll find many experienced professionals here in the Baltimore region. Find the best doctor for you here on


Medical Doctors Listings

Doctors Express (Towson, MD)
Board-certified doctors who provide care to patients whose conditions are not life threatening. Can help with x-rays, employment physicals, colds, infections, allergic reactions, rashes, broken bones, sprains, rashes, burns, cuts, fevers, earaches, pains, and coughs. Center includes an on-site pharmacy. Walk-ins welcome, no appointment needed.
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Colormax (Timonium, MD)
Dr. Thomas Azman specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of color blindness/color deficiency and color vision correction.
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Other Selected Medical Doctors Listings

Doctors Express (Towson, MD)
Your Doc's In (Easton, MD)
Center for Laser Surgery (Washington, DC)

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