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Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment

411 Guilford Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21740



Mr. Water™ Professional Water Treatment of Hagerstown, Maryland is a local full service water softening and conditioning company specializing in sales, service, maintenance and repair of residential and light commercial water treatment equipment in Central Maryland and the surrounding Tri-State area. For a small initial fee of $60 we will test your water, evaluate your well pump system and do an honest system evaluation to determine what needs to be done to get the existing treatment equipment you already have operating properly, and if necessary recommend new equipment to permanently solve your water problems. That "mysterious device" in your basement doesn't have to be a source of constant frustration. Residential well water systems commonly suffer from poor water pressure and low flow rates for various reasons. This will cause your water softener, filtration or purification system to not function properly - in most cases we can greatly improve this. Water that looks cloudy, creates a blue or green stain, smells like sulfur (rotten eggs), tastes bad, or stains fixtures brown can also gradually damage your expensive plumbing system - causing pinhole leaks, clogged piping, and unnecessary faucet, dishwasher, and water heater repairs. As "Natures Solvent" well water can contain substances such as nitrate, lead, petroleum byproducts, and other organic and/or inorganic substances that can be harmful to human health. This water of questionable quality that makes laundry dingy, and bathing unpleasant can be reliably fixed for less than you might think. To meet your water quality needs, all of our new EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems® are custom built to the highest standards based on your water analysis. The pictures of installed systems on this website serve as testimonials to the work we do. We provide "Up Front Pricing" and professional installation from experts in the field included in the price. We have a one year 100% Performance Guarantee on all new systems and 30 day warranty on most repairs. No gimmicks, no fast talking salespeople, we genuinely care about making sure you get the highest quality water for many years in your home or business.

Because water conditioning is a science and a trade, we have found that some companies lack the expertise in both water chemistry and well systems needed to properly recommend the right equipment. This can unfortunately lead to the homeowner purchasing the wrong system for their water problems. All water treatment systems require some routine maintenance; we can help you determine if the system you have just needs maintenance, is in the wrong configuration or is the wrong system altogether. We service Culligan®, Ecowater®, Rainsoft®, Kinetico®, and most other systems using Fleck®Clack®, orAutotrol® valves commonly installed by plumbing companies. Our knowledge of residential ultraviolet lights and reverse osmosis systems is second to none. Our expertise in the wide array of brands and types of systems sold in the Maryland area makes us unique as a resource in our service area. Put our 22 years of water treatment and conditioning experience to work for you. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us for fair, honest, and reliable service - we are here to help!