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Millennial Media

2400 Boston Street
Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21224


Millennial Media provides many helpful services to:

Mobile Developers: Learn how to you can monetize mobile apps with a platform-independent solution.

Mobile Advertisers: Reach new audiences with mobile ads using Millennial Media's experience in helping brands develop successful mobile advertising strategies while navigating the various mobile ad formats available. Mobile advertisers can also take advantage of Millennial Media's unique access to data and understand the different mobile marketing trends to understand the best way to spend advertising dollars and achieve the best results.


Advertisers and developers alike can take advantage of this self-service mobile advertising solution. Here developers can begin by downloading a simple to use SDK, whether they hope to monetize Android apps, monetize iPhone development, or make money from apps on many different platforms. Advertisers will likewise find this an easy way to run mobile advertising campaigns over different sites and applications.